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With a background spanning over 25 years as an attorney, including 8 years serving as the Magistrate of the 15th District Court, Tamara Garwood brings unparalleled expertise to the judicial arena. As a member of the State Bar of Michigan and the Washtenaw County Bar Association, she has demonstrated a deep commitment to upholding the principles of justice and fairness. Garwood's qualifications extend beyond state boundaries, as she is admitted to practice law before the Supreme Court of the United States and the Federal District Court for the Western District of Michigan.

Courtroom Efficiency: Garwood's extensive and diverse legal experiences uniquely positions her to handle the demanding caseload of the district court efficiently and effectively. As Magistrate, Tamara delivers justice with respect, fairness, humility, compassion, and an open mind. She has developed the necessary qualities and abilities to be an effective and efficient judge, which she displays everyday on the bench. Her tenure as Vice President of the Michigan Association of District Court Magistrates underscores her dedication to judicial excellence and innovation.


Alternative Dispute Resolution: As a trained mediator, arbitrator, and Guardian Ad Litem, Garwood possesses the skills necessary to navigate complex legal disputes with sensitivity and impartiality. She worked with a team to create a case evaluation program at the district court level. Garwood administers this successful program ensuring that civil cases are efficiently processed and carried to conclusion in the shortest reasonable amount of time, without the need for trials, saving parties financially while saving the court's resources. Her commitment to alternative dispute resolution reflects a broader commitment to promoting access to justice and fostering collaborative solutions.

Access to Justice: Before the world operated on Zoom, Tamara appreciated the need to provide access to justice for those without access to the courtroom. She worked to implement an on-line system to allow for remote pleas and resolution of warrants for litigants unable to come to court because of geographical location, resources, or circumstance. When the courts moved to remote hearings, as an essential employee, Tamara Garwood worked to find options to allow everyone to use Zoom. Partnering with the City Attorney and AAPD, remote Zoom locations were created with the necessary technology for those who did not have access to the same. These innovations demonstrate Tamara’s commitment to bring justice to the community and beyond.


Tamara Garwood's tenure as an attorney and magistrate is characterized not only by her legal acumen but also by her unwavering compassion for those who come before the court. As an Ann Arbor resident for more than 25 years, she has deep roots in the community and a profound understanding of its diverse needs and challenges.

Community Engagement: Garwood's involvement in local organizations, such as the Board of Directors for the Washtenaw County EMU Legal Resource Center, exemplifies her commitment to serving the community beyond the courtroom. Her dedication to promoting access to legal resources and education underscores her belief in the transformative power of knowledge and empowerment.

Judicial Education: As an instructor for the Michigan Judicial Institute and a member of the Judicial Resources Advisory Committee for the Workload Assessment Study for Michigan Trial Courts, Garwood is dedicated to advancing judicial education and improving court operations. Her commitment to lifelong learning and professional development reflects a broader commitment to excellence and integrity in the legal profession. Magistrate Garwood is civic-minded and encourages community
involvement with our young people. Volunteering in our local schools for career days and Constitution Day, and brining classes into the Court for tours, presentations, and mock trials.


Integrity lies at the heart of Tamara Garwood's judicial philosophy. Throughout her career, she has remained steadfast in her commitment to upholding the rule of law, promoting transparency, and ensuring equitable treatment for all individuals who come before the court.

Legal Advocacy: Garwood's tenure as a practicing attorney and magistrate has been marked by a steadfast commitment to justice, fairness, and the rule of law. Her involvement in the State Bar of Michigan Unauthorized Practice of Law Standing Committee reflects her dedication to upholding the highest ethical standards in the legal profession.

Educational Background: A graduate of Detroit College of Law and the University of Michigan, Garwood brings a wealth of academic knowledge and practical experience to the bench. Her legal education and training have equipped her with the tools necessary to navigate complex legal issues with clarity, precision, and integrity.

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