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About Magistrate 
Tamara Garwood

Experience and Expertise

Magistrate Tamara Garwood brings over 25 years of legal experience to her candidacy, including 8 years of distinguished service as a Magistrate in the 15th District Court. Throughout her tenure, Tamara has earned a reputation for her fair and impartial rulings, her commitment to upholding the law, and her dedication to serving the community.

Before serving on the bench, Tamara Garwood spent 17 years as an attorney, advocating tirelessly for her clients and gaining invaluable insights into the legal system. As a member of the State Bar of Michigan and the Washtenaw County Bar Association, she has been an active participant in the legal community, fostering connections and contributing to legal discourse.

Community Engagement

Beyond her judicial duties, Tamara Garwood is deeply engaged in community service. She is a trained mediator, arbitrator, and Guardian Ad Litem, committed to finding peaceful resolutions to disputes and ensuring that all voices are heard. As Vice President of the Michigan Association of District Court Magistrates, she has demonstrated leadership and dedication to the legal profession.

Tamara's commitment to serving the community extends to her involvement in various
committees and advisory boards, including the State Bar of Michigan Unauthorized
Practice of Law Standing Committee and the Judicial Resources Advisory Committee
for the Workload Assessment Study for Michigan Trial Courts. Additionally, she has
volunteered her time and expertise with the Michigan Judicial Institute, Ann Arbor Public Schools, Blaze and Blue summer camp, Citizens Police Court and Fire Academy, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, rebuilding the Eberwhite playground, and the EMU Legal Resource Center where she works to help others overcome barriers, foster an inclusive community and promote safety through education and civic involvement.

Ann Arbor Roots

A resident of Ann Arbor for over 25 years, Tamara Garwood understands the unique needs and challenges facing our community. She is a graduate of the Detroit College of Law and the University of Michigan, where she acquired the skills and values that guide her legal practice and public service.

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